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Power Generation Calculator

Calculating Steam Flow Given Steam Conditions and Power

To calculate your power generation potential, click on the following link and follow the instructions below:

  1. Set “Solve For” drop-down to Outlet Properties

  2. For Inlet Steam section:

    • Enter Inlet Pressure (PSIG)

    • Enter Inlet Temperature (°F)

  3. For Turbine Properties section:

    • “Selected Turbine Property” drop-down to Power Out

    • Enter assumed isentropic efficiency (see Table below). To choose the "Turbine Type", please visit our Products Page for more information.

    • Enter assumed generator efficiency of 93% (takes gearbox losses into account)

    • Enter desired power at the generator (kWe [electrical power])

  4. For Outlet Steam section:

    • Enter desired Exhaust Pressure (PSIG). In case of condensing exhaust, -12.7354 must be entered in this section.

  5. Hit "Enter" and see the required Steam Flow in the "Outlet Steam" section. Note the Outlet Steam Pressure and Temperature in addition to the Steam Flow and compare it with the 'Operating Parameters' listed in the Products Page to finally arrive at the best turbine for your needs.

Turbine Type Efficiency
Low-cost Steam Turbine (LST)50%
Single Stage Steam Turbine60%
Multi-Stage Steam Turbine70%

Note: Isentropic efficiencies of Steam Turbines can range from 20-90%. The efficiencies in the Table are simplified values for the purpose of estimation only. For accurate performance values please contact the team at NCON.

Once you have arrived at your turbine specifications, you may visit this link for information on how to estimate your cost savings.