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Single-Stage Steam Turbines

Integrated Turbine & Gearbox design

Staying true to NCON's minimalistic design philosophy, our Single Stage Steam Turbines offer more with less. Its simple yet robust construction guarantees efficiency and uptime while being affordable and accessible to industries of all sizes.

Design Feature NCON's Turbine NCON Advantage
ConfigurationOverhung Rotor*• Turbine Bearings, Pedestals & Expansion Arrangments are eliminated. This drastically reduces acquisition & maintenance costs, minimizes mechanical losses and improves turbine efficiency
Gland Seals Hybrid Carbon-Ring & Labyrinth • Combines the service life of Labyrinth Seals and the sealing efficacy of Carbon-Rings resulting in a bullet-proof sealing system
• Overhung rotor configuration needs only one set of gland seals cutting steam loss through the gland vent by 50%. This improves thermal efficiency and boosts energy savings significantly
Power Transmission High-Speed Coupling Eliminated • Transmission losses are minimized thereby maximizing efficiency

* Turbine in-between bearings can be supplied based on customer's requirements

Operating Parameters

Steam Parameter Overhung Rotor Turbine in-between bearings
Max. Inlet Steam Pressure, Temperature 45 Bar(g), 450 °C65 Bar(g), 500 °C
Max. Exhaust Steam Pressure 10 Bar(g)20 Bar(g)
Power Capacity3000 kW3000 kW
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